John Kraus RN
CGTC Adjunct Nursing Instructor

Use this form for requesting feedback on the nursing diagnoses you are thinking about for your patient or resident.

All fields must be completed before I will be able to give you effective guidance. However, it is my experience that when students take the time to write down and present this information in the required format their grade will improve dramatically. The Careplan is the document where the nursing student demonstrates their Critical Thinking skills. It is not something that can be left to the last minute.

Use this form for only one diagnosis at a time.

However you may submit several different diagnoses by filling out and sending the form once for each NDX.

I will review your submissions and reply by email as soon as I can but it is seldom more than a day or two at the most.

Your name:   Required for response
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Write the NANDA
Nursing diagnosis
using the correct format.
This must include
the R/T and AEB
from your assessment.
Goals and Expected outcomes.
You must list two goals
for each diagnosis.
You may list more if you
would like guidance.
However, do not expect me to
tell you which ones to pick.
That is your job.
Goals must be stated as
They must also be
measurable, timed, and realistic.
Goal number one
Goal number two
You must list a total of
four interventions that are
designed to help your
patient or resident achieve
the goals you defined.
Interventions are stated
Intervention Number 0ne
Intervention Number Two
Intervention Number Three
Intervention Number Four
Fields highlighted with RED are required if you want a response.
All fields highlighted in BLUE must also be filled out if you want me to offer suggestions or guidance on ways to improve your Careplan.